Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: The Night Horses

About The Night Horses

The Night Horses follows the animals’ daily lives. Each morning, the horse herd takes their breakfast at the hay feeder. Mulling around, they exchange gossip and share their plans for the day.

There’s May, an old mare whose giddy-up spirit fuels her energetic personality. She wants to challenge Cloud to a race even though she is three times his age. Frisco and Bella are an inseparable married couple, and plenty of young foals timidly hide behind their mothers’ legs amongst the group.

After a long day of work, the horses clean up, head to their stalls for dinner, and wait in the barn until their owners head back to the house. With humans out of the picture, the horses get busy creating their own rural night life, effectively turning the farm into their own little three-ring circus.

The whimsical nature of Jones’ children’s book allows young readers to tap into their imagination and picture what goes on inside the heads of the animals around them. A perfect story for children who love animals, “The Night Horses” depicts the world of love and companionship to be found among horses and humans. {Description from}


I was thrilled to be invited to review The Night Horses, by Anaka Jones. Not just because it is a kid’s book, but more importantly, because it was written by a kid.

At the young age of 12, Anaka Jones has written a lovely little book about horses. Ever wonder what horses do after the sun goes down and their masters go to bed? Well, you can read all about it in The Night Horses.

With large, bright, colorful illustrations and a simple, yet imaginative plot, The Night Horses is a great read for young children. The book is written and structured for children to easily read and understand using elementary level writing.

The Night Horses is perfect for any child learning to read, already loves to read or has a passion for animals, especially horses. Well-worth considering for your next bedtime story! 

5 Bookworms well deserved!

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